Summer ResumĂ© and Fall Plans

At the university campus

I really love looking back at stuff as well as taking future outlooks, and you seem to like them as well, thus I will gladly continue doing them 🙂 Yes, it is the 26th of August right now as I am writing this, but it cooled down this weekend so I am reaaally feelin’ the fall spirit right now so I thought ‘why not’?

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How to Climb the Stairway to Heaven Legally

A steep, muddy path of 22km, a rainy day, three guys from the Swiss military and I – that’s pretty much the basic fact of this hike summed up. It has been forever BUT I said that I would be writing about my experience hiking the Moanalua Valley Trail, better known as the legal route to the infamous Stairway to Heaven.

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Four Things I Dislike About Austria

Everything and every place has its positives and negatives, and so does Austria. I saw a Youtube video by Michael Buchinger today where he talks about the things he dislikes about my home country and felt very much inspired to do the same. And no, I do not mean to bash Austria, there are simply a few things I don’t like about it – and the same goes for every other place I have ever been to. No place is perfect, so why can we not talk about the negatives as well from time to time?  Continue reading Four Things I Dislike About Austria

48 Hours in Munich

Do you know the feeling of both happiness and sadness at the same time? That’s what I experienced when taking the journey from Munich back to Vienna. Happiness because I had had a great weekend where I got to see amazing people again that I had not met in way too long, and sadness because I had to say goodbye to them after only a few hours. But let me start at the beginning of the weekend.

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Not All​ That Glitters is Gold – My Worst Travel Stories

With the rise of travel bloggers and ‘inspiring’ travel quotes all over the place, travel has gotten really romanticised in recent years. While I love exploring, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows either, but those moments usually are not talked about. If you know me, you know I am a pretty direct person, thus I have no issue sharing a few not-so-good travel stories with you that I can now laugh about. And if you are wondering the same thing as me afterward: Yes, I seem to attract complicated situations.

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How to Learn Foreign Languages: Five Tips

A lot of people might not know this about me because I (obviously) don’t walk around telling everyone,  but I speak five languages at a decent level and worked as a tutor for three of them. How did I manage to do this? Well, if you want to know, then keep on reading 😉

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Four Days in London

London Underground

While I have done quite a lot of traveling around Europe already, I never got to spend more than a few hours in London. I was there with my school for a day trip during our stay in Brighton and took a train there for a cruise stop in Southampton last summer. Yes, I saw a few sights back then, but I was always in a rush and pressed for time and could not really absorb the vibes of the city. Hence when I found super cheap flights there from my hometown, I just could not resist booking them (on a Sunday shortly after midnight, a typical time for such spontaneous decisions). This is not supposed to be a classic “What to do in” typa post and let’s be honest, there are plenty of those out there already. Plus, the few days I spent here don’t really entitle me to judge what you “have to” do in London as I probably just scratched the surface of this metropolis. So I’m rather just gonna tell you about my personal experiences and a few anecdotes that will show you London through my eyes.

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