March Update: Slow Life

Spring in Vienna

I have been taking life very slow lately, perhaps too slow for my own liking. But then again, I think that I might have rushed through life too much the year before, hence slowing everything down could have been the best thing for me to do. But what have I been doing these past few weeks that I have been rather mia? Continue reading March Update: Slow Life


Plans for 2019 – University, Holidays, Self Care

Half of January is already over, and so far, to be honest, I have not been doing anything too special yet, but I suppose that this has to do with the nature of January. In January, the weather is usually not particularly appealing, with icy Vienna-winds diminishing most of my will to leave the house. On the bright side, the weather situation in January also takes away a lot of my excuses to procrastinate from studying, hopefully resulting in good grades for this semester. Anyway, I wanted to share a short summary of my plans for the upcoming year 2019 with you. I love looking back at my plans at the end of the year and see how many of them I actually realize and where I ultimately end up. Maybe my plans can inspire you in one way or another as well 🙂

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My 2018

If I had to sum up 2018, I would call it a year of work and settling. What do I mean by that? Well, in total, I worked full-time for eight months this year and stayed in Vienna almost the entire year, including the summer, which I had not done before. I know most people have already done a recap and I am very late to the game, but after reading my 2016 and 2017 reviews, I felt inspired to continue this little tradition and keep track of the things I did each year.

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I am More – Putting People into Boxes

Exploring Tokyo

The human brain has a tendency to almost automatically decomplexify the world for us. That is, for example, what stereotypes are rooted in because they allow us to group people and give us an idea what we can expect them to be like. Same goes not only for groups of people based on their job or ethnicity but also for a unique person. If you, for example, know “Sarah from ballet” or “Tristain from math class”, you (quite obviously) associate them with that trait or activity -I do too. What we often forget though is that that “yoga-person” is a complex human being with different interests,  sides and internal struggles just like we are, as silly as this may sound. I have found myself surprised when hearing about friends or colleagues current or former hobbies that I would have never thought they’d practice many times. On the contrary, a lot of people I know have been astonished when they found out about some of my pastimes. Just to give you an example, I thought I would share some of my hobbies and interests with you that are at parts totally random and unrelated, but as a whole make me the multi-layered person I am.

Exploring Tokyo

  • I love learning about history, geography and world economy and watch YouTube videos about those topics almost daily. At the same time, though, I enjoy watching silly daily-life vlogs that make me laugh and allow me to relax and unwind
  • I thoroughly enjoy doing sports and take part in half marathons. All the same, I have fun experimenting with makeup, trying out new looks and trends
  • I have been writing in my spare time since I was five years old, but I also realized over the years that I need the challenge of working and playing with numbers
  • I can be a loud, enthusiastic social butterfly who gets energy from being around inspiring people but sometimes I need to withdraw myself to recharge up my batteries

What do I want to say with this post?

Try not to put people in just one box but rather try to get to know them and other parts of their personality that might allow you to perceive them differently. It is super interesting and might actually make you become (better) friends with one person or another.


Japan on a Budget: How Expensive is Japan?

Shibuya Crossing at night

You guys know that I am not one afraid to talk money when it comes to my travels – not because I wanna brag about how much of a bargain queen I am, but rather to give people a feeling of what to expect from certain places and show you how you can do them on a budget. Spoiler alert: Japan proved to be way less expensive than I was told beforehand.

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Tokyo Travel Diary: The World’s Mega City

Ohayou gosaimas or お早うございます!

WOW. That’s basically Tokyo summed up in one word. It’s a city of contrasts, where the busiest, noisy street crossing in the world is just 500 meters away from a temple in the woods where the only sound is crowing and croaking of wild animals. I’ve left Tokyo for now and thus thought it would be the perfect time to share my impressions of the first few days with you now that they’re still all fresh. Expect a more detailed guide to the different neighborhoods in the near future as well 🙂

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Late Night Thoughts: “Living Your Best Life”

I actually had a completely different post saved as a draft for a few weeks now that I never published as I could find no motivation to finish it. I just notice again and again that I prefer writing about my personal experiences and feelings rather than giving neutral, more general tips, so there goes one of exactly these posts.

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