Different Language, Different Identity?

Hi guys,

it has been quite a while since my last post. For some reason, I am way more motivated to write after coming home from a 9 to 5-job than after university. I guess maybe it is because my creative side is challenged more at uni, but who knows if that’s actually the reason or if it is something completely different. Anyway, today, I wanted to write about language and identity and how they are connected – at least in my experience.

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What is Austria Like? Facts About my Country

While many people may have seen Austria being mentioned in their history books back in school, almost no one has a clear association of the country. This can be an advantage as well since you are basically a blank page to people that you can fill with your own personality rather than being put in a box beforehand. Anyway, I thought I would give you guys a brief introduction to my small home country and maybe I can even spark your curiosity about it 🙂

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Metropolen Kreuzfahrt mit AIDAPrima – Review

Eine gefühlte (und fast schon tatsächliche) Ewigkeit nach meiner Kreuzfahrt Anfang August kommt nun endlich auch der Bericht dazu. Aber da momentan wahrscheinlich schon viele mitten in der Planung ihres Sommerurlaubs sind, kommt das vielleicht gar nicht so ungelegen 🙂

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My Guide to the Netherlands

In Mai 2016, I got to visit the Netherlands for the first time. Previously, I had of course been kind of curious about them, but it was never on the top of my bucket list to go there. In the last two years, however, I have really fallen in love with the country. I don’t know if it is the beautiful architecture, the nice people or the great quality of life there – there is just something about the Netherlands. So I figured I would share my favorite things about and in the Netherlands with you.

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Traveling Hawaii on a Budget?

A little confession: I am actually a super cheap person and absolutely hate spending money on this I don’t want really badly. And let me tell you: Hawaii is a really expensive place, in fact it is the most expensive US state, even topping DC, New York and California. It definitely won’t be your cheapest vacation of all time, that’s for sure. However, that does not mean you can’t save some money and still have an amazing time while you are there. In order to prove that to you, I’m gonna show you in detail how much I spent during my week in Hawaii and how much I paid for what exactly. Continue reading Traveling Hawaii on a Budget?

Misconceptions Foreigners have about Austria and Europe

Let’s be honest: Austria is a small and unimportant country and I fully acknowledge that. Therefore, when you get out of the country (or let’s better say out of Europe), people tend to be confused about what Austria is, where it is and what we do – and I totally understand, you can’t know everything about everyone. In my time abroad, I have thus made a lot of funny experiences with people mixing things up. Enjoy and please don’t take this too seriously 😉

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How I Achieve My Goals

Hi guys!

While everyone is still talking about their New Year’s resolutions, I prefer not to share them online. The reason being that I personally rather do the work in the background than just talking about wanting to do something. But this is just my personal preference, so don’t feel offended if you chose to do in differently 🙂 Anyway, over the past two years, I basically managed to reach all of my goals for that year and therefore want to share with you how I did it. And no, I am no magical unicorn in that- ANYONE can do it, trust me.

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