Not All​ That Glitters is Gold – My Worst Travel Stories

With the rise of travel bloggers and ‘inspiring’ travel quotes all over the place, travel has gotten really romanticised in recent years. While I love exploring, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows either, but those moments usually are not talked about. If you know me, you know I am a pretty direct person, thus I have no issue sharing a few not-so-good travel stories with you that I can now laugh about. And if you are wondering the same thing as me afterward: Yes, I seem to attract complicated situations.

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How to Learn Foreign Languages: Five Tips

A lot of people might not know this about me because I (obviously) don’t walk around telling everyone,  but I speak five languages at a decent level and worked as a tutor for three of them. How did I manage to do this? Well, if you want to know, then keep on reading 😉

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Four Days in London

London Underground

While I have done quite a lot of traveling around Europe already, I never got to spend more than a few hours in London. I was there with my school for a day trip during our stay in Brighton and took a train there for a cruise stop in Southampton last summer. Yes, I saw a few sights back then, but I was always in a rush and pressed for time and could not really absorb the vibes of the city. Hence when I found super cheap flights there from my hometown, I just could not resist booking them (on a Sunday shortly after midnight, a typical time for such spontaneous decisions). This is not supposed to be a classic “What to do in” typa post and let’s be honest, there are plenty of those out there already. Plus, the few days I spent here don’t really entitle me to judge what you “have to” do in London as I probably just scratched the surface of this metropolis. So I’m rather just gonna tell you about my personal experiences and a few anecdotes that will show you London through my eyes.

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What to do in Rome, Italy


Hello from up in the air. I am currently somewhere between London and Linz with my phone being almost out of battery (as usual if you know me) and I figured that there is no more fitting time to write about travels than while the actual process of traveling. As you could probably tell from the title already, this post is not gonna be about my trip to London though but about my stay in Rome last week. If you are wondering why I have been on the road so much over the last few days, you can read a little update about what is going on here. But now I’ll stop my usual rambling and get going with the actual content of this post and give you tips on what to do in Rome. Continue reading What to do in Rome, Italy

Rome on a Budget: Three Days for Less Than 250€

I’m back from my getaway to Rome with my friend Christine. I will definitely tell you about my Rome recommendations in a separate post later but today, I will be focusing on the money side of things (again). I like giving tips about how to save money while traveling and you seem to like these posts as well. So I will break down the cost of my Rome trip for you. I hope you find it interesting and maybe you can adopt one of them for your next travels 🙂

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Life Update: My Summer and Current Plans

You might have noticed that I am currently more active on my blog again. Well, that happens when you are supposed to write your bachelor thesis and everything else suddenly becomes way more interesting and appealing than the task you are actually supposed to do. This leads me to the topic of this post: What I have planned for the months to come. So if you want to know what is currently going on, then make yourself a cup of tea and keep reading.

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As much as I like Social Media and the opportunities it gives you to express yourself creatively and connect with friends old and new, I hate how “professionalised” it has become. Where people used to have snapshots in front of the mirror with a very visible phone camera in it as their profile pictures, you mainly see DSLR camera photos that were later edited with a professional editing software nowadays. I get it, we all want to look our best and present ourselves that way. But aren’t we missing the point of Social Media here?

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